Posted on by Elie Levy

 The time of year has come! 

For what? Thinking about your summer wardrobe, of course! As the weather warms, and people hit the beach, the clothes get shorter, tighter… and, of course, transition to thinner materials. Wool and tweed are replaced with cotton and swimsuits.

But, in Miami, it’s summer all year long. That is why so much of Miami's clothing revolves around cotton and, in the case of Miami Style, combed cotton. Not sure what combed cotton is? We’ll get there.


First and foremost, when you think Miami, you need to think loose, thin materials in fun colors, and pastels. When you walk the streets of Miami, no matter what time of year, your eyes are always dazzled with the beautiful people, tan skin, amazing clothes and upbeat vibe. That’s what the Miami Style Combed Cotton Basics Collection is all about.


What is Combed Cotton?

It is extremely soft cotton. Its softness comes before the yarn is spun, when the cotton fibers are treated. Often used in bed linens due to the softness, this results in an unbelievably comfortable, lightweight fabric that is ultra-suited to a beachfront locale.  

Comparing Combed Cotton and Cotton

Cotton that is not combed is typically rougher and not as lightweight. The feel of the garment is much bulkier and far less comfortable. It is not ideal for tropical types of environments. If you have never worn combed cotton, imagine the softest bed sheets on which you have ever slept. Those were probably made of combed cotton.

Miami Style Combed Cotton Basics Collection

The Miami Style Combed Cotton Basics Collection is a collection of the simplest, most classic style basics for men and women. The materials are exceptionally soft and will breathe easily in even the warmest conditions. But, aside from that, they are made with a great deal of care and are high-quality garments that will last you for many years to come.