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18 Lifestyle Tips for a longer and Healthier Life


1. Always Stay Hydrated

Every organ, tissue and cell in your body needs a certain amount of water to function correctly. Our body uses water to maintain temperature levels, remove waste and lubricate joints. An adequate amount of water each day is essential to our health.




2. Be Social

Build relationships with others, deal with conflict appropriately and connect to a positive social network



3. Do what you love

Scientific and medical research suggests that doing things you don’t enjoy will actually shorten you lifespan.



4. Drink Red Wine

Drinking red wine in moderation is considered to be heart healthy. The alcohol and antioxidants assist in preventing heart disease by increasing levels of high-density Lipoprotein cholesterol (Good Cholesterol). 



5. Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast provides you with energy and nutrients that increase concentration throughout the day. Studies prove that a healthy breakfast helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.



6. Eat your protein

Be good to your body and eat protein. Protein will make you feel great by increasing your muscle mass and fat burning.



7. Eat your Veggies

Eating vegetables is one of the most effective  choices you can make to improve your health. 

Studies have proven that people who consume seven or more portions of vegetables a day live longer lives.



8. Exercise Weekly 

Get into a weekly exercise program. This will keep you focused on setting and reaching your fitness goals.



9. Follow The News

Following the News, allows you you to experience the world through every lens imaginable.



10. Get a weekly Massage 

Weekly massages reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, dampen harmful stress hormones and raise serotonin, the mood-elevating chemicals in our brain.



11. Go To The Beach

Going to the beach allows our bodies to create more vitamin D as a result of direct sun exposure. 



12. Motivational Goals

Setting motivational goals for yourself is the key to success. Research suggests that the most effective performance results when goals are specific and challenging.



13. Play Basketball

As a great workout, basketball can be a fun way to help you burn those extra calories and build endurance. (one hour of basketball can burn up to 750 calories)



14. Show Love

The health benefits of love are surprising as they affect our mental, physical, social and spiritual health. 



15. Take Care of your Skin

Your Skin is a reflection of your health as it is your body’s canvas and one of its most valuable assets.



16. Take your vitamins

Boost your daily energy and loose more weight by making sure you take your vitamins



17. Maintain A Workout Routine

Feel Better, have more energy and perhaps live a longer life! Pack your Gym bag with your tank tops, gym shorts, sports bra and whatever else is needed to maintain your fitness routine.



18. Appreciate Nature

Research suggests that nature has both long term and short term mental and physical health benefits.


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