Why Retail Stores And Custom Screen Printing Firms Choosing Miami Style Apparel Basics?

Many of our customers are retail store owners who have come to love Miami Style Apparel and have made our brand part of the backbone of their retail business. Our superior quality makes it an easy choice when you want to deliver a quality product to your customer. Whether it will get screen printed with a custom logo for an event as a favor or heat pressed with a cool design for a customer who wants P.O.D ( Printing On Demand ).

Our basics are comprised of softest combed cotton and have a durable softness for the life of the T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Shorts or Pants. Due to the knitting of our apparel, whether it is our fine jersey, french terry, or cotton fleece blends custom screen print shops find it easy to print on and get amazing results when using the Plastisol inks. Some have found it amazing when adding the expanding ink ( puff ) to create a 3D look and feel to their garments.

We do not cut any corners when it comes to quality. Many of the retail stores who purchase from us sell our apparel blank even if they give their customers the choice of personalizing it with screen printing or by heat pressing. Our styles such as our crop tops and cotton / spandex yoga collection where created to be sold as fashion forward pieces. By providing blank styles ready to be screen printed and not found in any of the other wholesale blank apparel distributor companies we assure you will have unique styles that customers are looking for and are not available anywhere else.


Quality Can Make A BIG Difference To Customers

Quality over quantity has always been our motto. Our blanks are just that. We do not sell your regular blanks, you are not going to find the $1.20 cheap t-shirts in our site, our wholesale prices go hand in hand with our quality. Once you touch our quality and experience the feel and fit Miami Style Apparel has it will become clear why we have been in the Fashion Industry for so many years catering to retail stores all over the USA and why we have so many returning customers who swear by our amazing quality and fair wholesale prices. 

Rather than sacrifice quality we focus our energy in creating a new line and replenishing our basics line with fresh styles and colors every year. We put forth the effort to always stay relevant with the color trends for the seasons and researching what styles and trends are happening in the fashion industry. By creating a mashup of fashion with basics we are able to provide unique styles to our customers every year. Giving our wholesale customers options creates ideas which can reach end clients in the form of custom designing and custom printing for their events or as custom fashion apparel.

Providing quality has always been the Miami Style Vision. “We Redifne Fashion to Suit your Needs” . Wether you have a retail store, personal gym, boutique, yoga studio, screen print shop, or a booth prividing heat pressing for on-demand custom printing and personalizing, Miami Style Apparel is will be a top option for blanks you can offer. Your customer will have options and you will have an extensive colletion of items to offer such as hoodies, capris, shorts, tank tops, sweathirts, crop tops and even dresses at your finger tips. The best part is, that once your clients know they can find the exact items they are looking for with you they will not need to go searching for any other shop for their screen print and customizing needs.


Give Options, Clients Love Options

Not all blanks are created equal. When customers choose a cheap or inexpensive item they know it will be screen printer or personalized for a one time event and yes people might keep it around or maybe not. But what if you gave your customer a quality product. Like a V-Neck that could stand the test of time. T-Shirt that felt great and soft with incredible durability. That is the Miami Style option, what if you where able to have a clothing line to print on for customers that wanted printed Yoga apparel? or maybe you can now be able to cater to personal trainers and screen print their logo and be part of their success? What if you are able to offer styles like dri fit apparel for men and women?

Miami Style Apparel is not your average Apparel Manufacturer, we look into the deepest detail of the clothing we create and we make sure that the fit and feel is perfect. That is the Miami Style difference. An option in feel, texture and quality. An apparel company that can is focused on you and your success, and continues to offer new options every year so your clients always have options when choosing their apparel for personalizing or customizing.